A Note for the Designers Who Love Beautiful Architecture

A Note for the Designers Who Love Beautiful Architecture

This post is for the designers out there and of course those of you who just love good design. Years ago, I was sent a few pages scanned from a book of black and white drawings.  Beautiful hand drawings of architecture of France and Spain. I’ve been searching for the actual books and recently I was lucky to find a used set in Canada.

Those of you who know our work understand we are passionate about classic work and draw a lot of inspiration from the great designs seen in history. There is a reason these buildings have stood the test of time and are beautiful regardless of your age or culture. Finding these books is an early Christmas present for us!

Everyone doesn’t understand why I would get excited by this and even my wife asked me “why are you buying old books??”  All I can say is this is what inspires and moves me.

The hand-drawn drawings themselves are works of art but they also show an architecture that is rich in detail and simply beautiful.  The artist is Albert Laprade and if you search his name you can see some of his touching works.  It is impossible not to be moved by the images. I’ve included a few examples here on Wechat to give you a taste of this great work and inspire your own projects.  Nothing is better than learning from the masters!

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