People buy based on emotion and justify it with logic.

WA360 is an architectural firm focused on creating premium communities for design focused builders who need to be confident their projects will meet the high expectations of their luxury buyers.  We were formed around two guiding principles.

  1. History contains lessons and inspiration that add meaning to a design and allow us to shape the future in a lasting way.
  2. The best results happen in this market when the quality of a custom level design is combined with the efficient service of a production firm.

We feel strongly that great architecture is built upon design principles passed down through history and not arbitrary ideas or forms. Acknowledging these lessons inherited from the past gives architecture its meaning and leads to an emotional connection. The importance of architecture is found in proportion, composition, and the execution of the details. History is our guide, but we design for today.

Over many years, we have helped professional builders create great communities in China. This is a special market and requires a unique approach. Success requires the efficiency, service, and market focus of a production designer combined with the talent, focus, and deep thinking of a custom home architect. WA360 exists to meet this challenge and we created a specialized process for our builder clients called CustomLuxe. It’s a system that allows our highest-level work to be delivered in a way that supports the fast paced world of community development.

We look forward to sharing how we can help you design your next community.


John Bigot, AIA


Have confidence your project is in good hands.

John Bigot, AIA

    John Bigot, AIA


    John Bigot is the President and Chief Designer of WA360 and for over 20 years has helped developers raise the design level of their communities and grow their business.  Mr. Bigot manages the firm and personally oversees all design work. His award -winning designs have been acknowledged in the USA and China including AIA, Gold Nugget Merits, and Times House awards.

    John is widely considered one of the most creative and successful designers of high-end communities.  His clients build distinctive projects that buyers are passionate about and include influential builders such as Longfor, Sino Ocean, and many more. Over his career, his design ability created projects that have become benchmarks in the market such as the Summer Palace in Beijing, and Zhaomu Hill in Chongqing.

    John is a graduate of the highly rated architecture school at the University of Oregon.  After graduation, he began his career in Orange County, California designing for leading homebuilders in the USA and China. He saw a need for a design process focused on the needs of premium developers in China and founded WA360 to help builders be confident their designs would satisfy the high expectations of the luxury buyer.

    Associations include:

    American Institute of Architects
    National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
    Institute of Classical Architecture and Art
    Retained Architect with the University of Oregon


    This is a firm with a great service attitude. They do their best to meet client requirements, and at the same time, maintain high design standards. Communication is great.  They have our trust to keep the schedule and fulfill the contract.

    −Deer Valley

    WA360’s professionalism is most amazing and notable. Mr. John Bigot, as both President and Chief Designer, always treats his projects as super fine art work, would refine them over and over to achieve perfection and uniqueness in both style and detail; he treats his clients like family, always goes extra miles for them and provides extaordinary customer service. Those who have engaged business with WA360 are always very impressed.

    −Dragon Palace

    WA360 is a firm that searches for the perfect design.  They bring high design quality, a good service attitude, and a quick response to our needs.

    −Shanghai Xincheng


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