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Based in the USA, WA360 is an international architectural firm which specializes in the design of planned residential and resort living.  Because of this focus, our clients can be confident the design is on target and will add value to their projects.  By specializing, our work is guided by a deeper understanding of residential and resort design, including lifestyle trends, design strategies to improve operations, and the collaboration techniques that help the development team to achieve great results.

For over a decade, our team has focused on the international developer market in Asia.  WA360 has the expertise to cooperate and deliver across great distance and cultural tastes. To assure a smooth process, our President and Chief designer oversees each phase of our projects and personally travels as needed to assure great results. Communication between our clients and designers is critical as a project develops and ideas evolve during the design process.  Live design workshops are an important part of our process where we can communicate directly with the team and accomplish many weeks of work in a short period of time. These workshops improve communication and give the whole team confidence in the design direction. We are as committed as our clients are to a great finished project.

As designers, we are drawn to architecture that has history, character, and soul.  We aim to give each project a strong image and make the experience memorable for both resort visitors and villa owners.  Over the years, our designers have become experts in the architectural character and styles from around the world and much of our work is inspired by the timeless principles in these beautiful examples.   We take these lessons from international design and develop creative solutions for local markets. Marketable designs that are rich with character and soul, but also created for modern lifestyles and trends.

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John Bigot, AIA


Have confidence your project is in good hands.

John Bigot, AIA

    John Bigot, AIA


    John Bigot is the President and Chief Designer of WA360 and for over 20 years has specialized in the design of premium planned residential communities.  Mr. Bigot manages the firm and personally oversees all design work to assure it meets his high standard for quality and marketability. His award-winning designs have been acknowledged in the USA and China.

    John is widely considered one of the most creative and successful designers of high-end communities with a mature understanding of the China market and buyer.  His clients build distinctive projects and look to John for the creative design necessary for strong sales and premium prices. John’s clients include influential builders such as Longfor, Sino Ocean, and many more. Over his career, his designs became benchmarks in the residential market such as the Summer Palace in Beijing, and Zhaomu Hill in Chongqing.

    John is a graduate of the highly rated architecture school at the University of Oregon.  Before founding WA360, he worked in Orange County, California designing for leading homebuilders in the USA and China.

    Associations Include

    American Institute of Architects
    National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
    Institute of Classical Architecture and Art
    Urban Land Institute
    American Planning Association

    Career Awards

    Times House Awards Best Villa
    Best in American Living Award
    Gold Nugget Award
    American Institute of Architects Honor Award
    MAME Award
    Ion Chiose

      Ion Chiose

      Director of Hospitality Design and Planning

      Ion Chiose is the Director of Hospitality Design and Planning at WA360 responsible for the design and management of the resort hotels and mixed-use developments.

      Educated in Romania, Ion worked in Romania and Greece before settling in California where he spent more than three decades with leading design firms creating international hospitality and multi-use developments.

      Ion believes what truly drives visitor satisfaction and financial success in the hospitality industry – it is not the latest design trend of the week, but rather a complete customer experience combined with an in-depth understanding of the hospitality business and the management it requires

      A development’s profitability is directly related to the design of the behind-the-scenes operation, and it is here where Ion’s 30 years of experience gives him a unique insight. His design sensibility and management skills were instrumental in assisting top hospitality brands.

      Client Brands

      Sands Corporation
      Four Seasons


      WA360’s professionalism is most amazing and notable. Mr. John Bigot, as both President and Chief Designer, always treats his projects as super fine art work, would refine them over and over to achieve perfection and uniqueness in both style and detail; he treats his clients like family, always goes extra miles for them and provides extaordinary customer service. Those who have engaged business with WA360 are always very impressed.

      −Dragon Palace

      WA360 is a firm that searches for the perfect design.  They bring high design quality, a good service attitude, and a quick response to our needs.

      −Shanghai Xincheng

      This is a firm with a great service attitude. They do their best to meet client requirements, and at the same time, maintain high design standards. Communication is great.  They have our trust to keep the schedule and fulfill the contract.

      −Deer Valley

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