A formal interpretation of the Tuscan villa to fit the taste of the local market.

These hillside lots came with pre-designed floor plans that were approved and fixed in their design.  We were asked to design the exterior of these homes for a client who wanted a Tuscan themed project, but also needed to appeal to buyers who don’t see a farmhouse as luxurious.  It needed more attention to the details to reach the pricing targets.

The Tuscan style has a long history in this market and while it can be successful, it is also now seen as a little common. The market has evolved so the interpretation of this theme needed to progress also. We achieved this mainly through material combinations and attention to details.

For a more formal interpretation of the Tuscan theme, the exterior was built with a combination of imported natural limestone and a warm toned man-made stone.  The contrast between the two finishes really helped with the impression of a home built over time. The rectangular honed finish of the limestone creates a more formal and refined impression.

The details were critical to add the formal touch the designs needed to appeal to the local buyers.  The roof eave details, window and door trim, and other stonework such as railings and wall quoins were enhanced with a classical flavor and refinement. This extra attention to detail gives these Tuscan villas a richness needed in the market.




450m2 – 600m2 Villas